Ways To Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Clean work, checking the energy efficiency of their house by measuring the thickness of fiberglass insulation in the attic

The fact is that we are living in an era where innovations and technologies are dominating. Everywhere you turn, you will see smart technology, apps, efficient transportation and different Ad displays. All of these technologies make it easier for everyone to have a comfortable and connected life. On the other hand, all these technologies come with several drawbacks and the leading being high energy costs.

It is important to go green, which is an excellent way to impact the earth positively, improve our community, as well as lower our energy bills. We can achieve this if we all make just one eco-friendly changes. Well, if you are looking for ways to make your home energy efficient but do not know where to start, then below are some things you can do to achieve this.

1. Roof And Wall Insulation

The leading and best way to make your home energy efficient is through insulation. Did you know that if you do not insulate your home, then it means that during the night or winter months you let out a lot of heat? This could be costing you a lot of money without you knowing. Well, the key is to ensure that you have conducted proper home insulating, including weather stripping and taking advantage of other insulation techniques throughout your home. It is wise to have a roof insulation expert in Perth do it.

2. Low Watt Bulbs (Taking Advantage Of Fluorescent Bulbs)

Did you know that research mentions that older lighting bulbs consume a lot of energy? Well, this is a proven fact and it is why people are advised to buy fluorescent bulbs or low wattage bulbs. They are a bit expensive compared to the older versions but eventually pay for itself as time passes by. This is because they not only use low energy, but they last up to 12 times than the conventional bulbs.

Even using just one fluorescent and the rest being incandescent bulbs, you will still experience a huge difference in your overall power usage.

3. Invest On Energy Efficient Appliances

The good news is that we have many home appliances that make our lives easier, time saving and entertaining. However, a majority of these home appliances are not energy saving. Well, the good news is that today manufacturers are developing energy-efficient appliances. Therefore, when shopping for a new home appliance, consider a more energy efficient that have the HE logo.

Remember, appliances with energy star budge uses less energy but will cost you more to purchase. However, when you think about it, it is more of an investment. This is because it will surely save you money with time.

4. Taking Advantage Of Solar Panels

Well, if you cannot afford to replace your old bulbs or invest in energy efficient home appliances, then you should really consider investing in a solar panel. They will help you cut down on your electric bill cost the moment you have them installed. This is something to consider especially due to the fact that they are cost effective. Let’s not forget the government tax back policies of investing in solar systems. Well, you can have your whole house running on solar energy or few appliances such as your entertainment unit.