4 Ways We Can Solve Climate Change through Geo-Engineering

As climate change is now the biggest threat to our planet, it is important to find ways on how we can fight against this issue to preserve planet Earth. With the strong fossil fuels and chemicals emerging into our environment, Earth is heating up at an all-time high. That is why we must make the appropriate steps to preserve our word now before it is too late.

Here are four ways we can solve climate change through geoengineering.

Plant More Trees

With the damaging effects of the logging industry, our planet has suffered from the decrease in its top filtration system – trees. While countries have made the notion of preserving forests and plant more trees, this will help take harsh chemicals and carbon dioxide and turn it into healthy oxygen.

Reduce Carbon in the Atmosphere

Geo-engineering courses are working with eco researchers to develop carbon scrubbers that are capable of removing the harmful CO2 from our natural air. The scrubbers will be placed within cities with high levels of carbon to remove the carbon dioxide from the air. While the project is still in the works, it will be a costly effort in changing the atmospheric emissions.

Purify the Air

Some geoengineers claim that investing a large filtration and purification system will be the second best option to natural prevention. This will remove the carbon dioxide in the air. These giant purifiers will be placed within the earth. While these systems have yet to be developed, there is still hope in new advancements in the future.

Aerial Reforestation

While planting new trees will naturally help improve climate change, it might take decades and even centuries to improve the earth. One of the fasted ways to reach the required amount of trees we need for a carbon filtration system is to consider aerial reforestation. The method is discussed years ago and is continued to be studied today.

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3 Interesting Ways Scientists Study Climate Change

From extreme harsh weather events to species extinctions, the effects of climate change are hitting our planet harder than we can ever be prepared for. With such measures, scientists are studying a broad range of data to examine the effects of climate change in attempts to solve the issue before it is too late.

Here are three interesting ways scientists study climate change.

Google’s Earth Timelapse

Every wanted to see just how climate change is affecting our planet? Google’s Timelapse can provide just that. The time-lapse project was created within a partnership with NASA, the U.S. Geological Survey, and Time. The time-lapse was created on a century’s worth of satellite data with zoomable maps. It focuses on the strategic locations that have suffered the most impact, especially in Dubai, Las Vegas, and the Amazon.

Fossilized Hyrax Urine

Who would have ever thought that ancient pee can be a valuable piece to climate change data? Thankfully, the Hyrax’s unusual habits have provided scientists with the opportunity to look into ancient plant biodiversity and have evolved throughout the years.

For those who don’t know what the hyrax is, it is a small herbivorous mammal that was found in the Middle East and Africa. It was said to live in rocky regions for generations.

Coral Cities

While the Coral polyps are one of the smallest animals on the planet, their strong colonies are known as the largest biologically built structures to ever be found on Earth. Millions of tiny polyps have built coral cities with the use of calcium carbonate extracted from tropical ocean waters. This is the same substance that is also used in shells, bones, and teeth.

Scientists have undergone countless expeditions to extract the cores as they must drill directly from the surface. The samples are placed in an x-ray to determine the climate fluctuations that have affected the coral during their lifespan.

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4 Environmental Issues That We Must Solve Now

With global warming and climate change worsening every day, there are many issues that we must deal with in attempts to save the earth. The climate is continuing to rise as the polar ice caps are slowly melting. Not to mention that species all over the world may not be able to adapt to such rapid changes.

Here are four environmental issues that we must solve now.

Extinction of Various Species

Now more than ever, species are facing extinction at an alarming rate. According to the Global Species Assessment, species and biodiversity are rapidly declining as new species simply cannot survive. It was estimated that over 10,000 types of species have reached extinction and disappeared within the past 100 years. It is said and proven that many of these extinctions are mainly due to the human habits of hunting, pollution, and habitat encroachment.

Pollution in the Environment

Planet Earth is rapidly being assaulted with harmful environmental pollution every day. With water pollution and toxic air, the Earth is continuing to being tarnished and destroyed. While we are starting to grow alternative technology for clean energy, there are other measures we must take to stop polluting the planet and clean up the water and quality of air.

Use of Fossil Fuel in Polluted Air

Using renewable energy will provide a clean source of energy that will replace the use of fossil fuel in our air. With more research and technology, we can begin to wean off from using fossil fuel that pollutes the clean air and improves the effects of climate change.


Since the past century, there have been over 7 billion people alive on Earth. Consider the amounts of food, water, shelter, and resources that are needed to provide each human being. With large populations, there are only so many resources that are able to use without pushing the limits and being provided by the Earth.

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