Established in 2007, Griffin Energy has made all efforts to provide information on every aspect of eco-friendly living, eco-technology, green energy, climate change and more.

At Griffin Energy, our mission is to help improve the environment and make this world a greener place to live. With our website, we strive to get our readers involved – whether it is within the community, local events, national petitions, or simply changes in their daily habits.

As Griffin Energy continues to grow in readership, we will dedicate our efforts to looking forward and providing the best range of ideas and tips to improve our planet Earth. We strive to provide all the necessary tools and information to help our readers gain a better understanding of the environmental and use that knowledge towards their everyday lifestyle.

Together, we can help make a change and do something to improve your planet and produce the change we want to see in our system. By reducing our waste consumption, we will improve our environment, our health, and our community. It is our mission to find eco-friendly alternatives.

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