4 Ways We Can Solve Climate Change through Geo-Engineering

As climate change is now the biggest threat to our planet, it is important to find ways on how we can fight against this issue to preserve planet Earth. With the strong fossil fuels and chemicals emerging into our environment, Earth is heating up at an all-time high. That is why we must make the appropriate steps to preserve our word now before it is too late.

Here are four ways we can solve climate change through geoengineering.

Plant More Trees

With the damaging effects of the logging industry, our planet has suffered from the decrease in its top filtration system – trees. While countries have made the notion of preserving forests and plant more trees, this will help take harsh chemicals and carbon dioxide and turn it into healthy oxygen.

Reduce Carbon in the Atmosphere

Geo-engineering courses are working with eco researchers to develop carbon scrubbers that are capable of removing the harmful CO2 from our natural air. The scrubbers will be placed within cities with high levels of carbon to remove the carbon dioxide from the air. While the project is still in the works, it will be a costly effort in changing the atmospheric emissions.

Purify the Air

Some geoengineers claim that investing a large filtration and purification system will be the second best option to natural prevention. This will remove the carbon dioxide in the air. These giant purifiers will be placed within the earth. While these systems have yet to be developed, there is still hope in new advancements in the future.

Aerial Reforestation

While planting new trees will naturally help improve climate change, it might take decades and even centuries to improve the earth. One of the fasted ways to reach the required amount of trees we need for a carbon filtration system is to consider aerial reforestation. The method is discussed years ago and is continued to be studied today.

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